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SLEEP—DESTROY INTERNET T-shirt tie-dye multicolor (-50%)

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After the initial social platform-induced euphoria of innumerable options, constant updates, and ever-accelerating streams of visuals and information competing for every waking minute has worn off, we turn to sleep as force to re-own time. The SLEEP—DESTROY INTERNET shirt is an essential for the rebellious. Its psychedelic design will make you spiral in vivid techno dreams of a smarter future.

SLEEP—DESTROY INTERNET is a 100% cotton tie-dyed T-shirt with a large silkscreened graphic on the upper back and a small one on the front.

Colour: Multicolor tie-dye and neon pink print
Material: 100% cotton

– T-shirts are hand tie-dyed, please keep in mind that each shirt has a unique pattern
– tie-dyed shirts fit one size smaller
– cold wash only

Lisette is 173 cm tall, wearing a size L.

Photography: Piet Oosterbeek
Model: Lisette Ros

*The price displayed is with a -50% discount applied