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NXS x Voddenmannen - Plum red 2-in-1 jacket (-50%)

110.00 / On Sale

Voddenmannen x NXS World

This limited edition of unique fashion items is designed with Amsterdam based label Voddenmannen. It is inspired by the digital filters and transformational tools we apply to sculpt our avatars online, translated back into garments that push the normative boundaries and perceptions of the physical body. Designed as pieces that extend the body throughout the phygital realm, they can be either seen as protective gear or armour, or rather as a liberating expansion of physical limitations. The garments are remodelled from discarded post-consumer products. Through their highly tactile materials they enhance the physical experience of texture, touch and sound. Each garment contains an NFC tag which unlocks a digital art piece.

Size: M

*The price displayed is with a -50% discount applied