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PRE-ORDER! NXS issue #5: Virtual Vertigo


NXS issue #5: Virtual Vertigo
Size: 38x15 cm

NEW Release date: 29th January 2020

NXS#5 Virtual Vertigo examines the challenges of the digital extension of reality and its shadowy underbelly for the self.

Daily digitally mediated interactions have made human perception more and more relative. Engaging with your friend's avatar lookalike, FaceTime's video chat applying its attention correction function, or talking on the phone with eerily human sounding virtual assistants literally make our senses deceive us.

Virtual Vertigo investigates questions such as: what emotional effects might a computer-communicated reality precipitate? How is the user's behavior influenced after returning to the physical world from those layers of lifelike experience? Which ethical pillars should be kept high? And: are we able to restore our understanding of the structure of reality in a new form of find ways to resist manipulation?

With contributions by:

Giusy Amoroso
Cibelle C. Bastos
Mat Dryhurst, Holly Herndon & Tamar Shafrir
Shawn Maximo
Studio Moniker
Katja Novitskova
and more...