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NXS issue #2: Synthetic Selves

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NXS issue #2: Synthetic Selves
Size: 38x15 cm / Silkscreen Cover
Pages: 76

The topic of NXS issue #2 Synthetic Selves centres on how the self is understood in the digital era, investigating whether we have full agency in constructing ourselves and what kind of images of ourselves we are broadcasting. Online environments are playgrounds for our identities and places for becoming the other. At face value, online platforms seem to promise us the opportunity to become anyone we want. Yet what happens online has consequences in the physical world. And what happens online is supported by the physical systems in which we grow up and live. Technology not only mediates the narratives of our daily lives, it shapes them.

With contributions by:

Armen Avanessian (AT)
Ivan Cheng (AU)
Karolien Buurman (NL)
Arthur-Ervin Avramiea (RO)
Andrea Karch (DE)
Dr. Alberto Micali (IT)
Kristýna Kulíková (CZ)
Marloes de Valk (NL)
Gilles de Brock (NL)
Sophia Seawell (BE)
Hannah Barton (UK)
Geert Lovink (NL)
Aaron McLaughlin (UK)
Kim de Groot (NL)
Nina Power (UK)
Geoffrey Lillemon (US)
Keith J. Varadi (US)
Benjamin Grosser (US)
Shintaro Miyazaki (CH/JP)
Daniel Rourke (UK)