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NXS issue #1: Cyber Sensuality

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NXS issue #1: Cyber Sensuality
Size: 39x15 cm
Pages: 64

NXS issue #1: Cyber Sensuality aims to explore the emotional and sensual side of hardware, software and algorithms, that normally have been assessed by their functionality, aesthetics and ethics.

Dive into NXS Issue #1 and explore our desires through screens, our strolling habits, the multifacet word neon, poetics of nomos, oneiric dimensions, anonymity, narcissism, filters, pixelated mysteries, 3D arousal, the act of ghosting, smelling and touching social medias, tantric worlds, erotics of code, spam appeal, seduction at the time of mobile technologies, the self as a predator, cybernetics and organism, the intimacy with our devices, a feverish Chatroulette interaction, confessions on digital behaviours, speculations on robot’s love life, connections, cybersex, the image of the self, love and empathy, a cyborg identity, love dolls with AI and times of confusion.

With contributions by:

Ines alpha (FR)
Trudy Barber (US)
Katrina Burch (UK/NL)
Marilou Chabert (FR)
Scry de Doria (FR)
Aiden Doyle (AU)
Jason Ebeyer (AU)
ElpopoSangre (FR)
Esteban Gonzalez (FR)
Olga Mikh Fedorova (RU/BE)
Margaret V Haines (CA)
Min Jie (CN)
Anja Kaiser (DE)
Jacob Kerray (UK)
Célestin Krier (FR)
Agnese Krivade (LV)
Hector Latrille (FR)
Matt McMullen (USA)
PrismViews (US)
Rachel-Rose O'Leary (IE)
Raf Rennie (CA)
Reese Riley(USA)
Nicole Ruggiero (USA)
Helin Sahin (US/TR)
Jack Self (UK)
Yung Soft (FR)
Marie Tomanová (CZ/USA)
Ultrabianka (AT)
Lauris Veips (LV)
Janine Vermeulen (NL)
Bruno Zhu (PT/NL)
Agnieszka Zimolag (PL/NL)