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NXS #6: Phygital Fashioning (-50%)

12.50 / On Sale

Size: 34x18 cm
Pages: 96

NXS#6 Phygital Fashioning explores the representation, consumption and transmission of digital fashion as one of the key mediators of the collective and individual public construction of the Self. How do these new ways of dressing communicate our identity and how we want others to perceive us? What complications do the digitization and democratization of this form of self-expression bring forth? By using digital fashion as a lens, the contributors in this issue contemplate what their findings might say about larger changes within an increasingly global and digital society.

With contributions by:
Wassim Z. Alsindi
Ruben Baart
Shumon Basar
Pak Chiu
Selin Davasse
Ben Dawson
Elizaveta Federmesser
Elke Gaugele
Inte Gloerich
Maisa Imamović
Charlie Robin Jones
Joseph Kadow
Lisa Kaschubat
Margarita Kuleva
Santa Kupča
Lev Manovich
Tony Murray
Kristina Nagel
Tha My Nguyen

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