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Future Ruins - Poster edition

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Future Ruins is an augmented reality exhibition of six limited edition A1 silkscreen prints by NXS World. Each speculates on different ways in which digital technology will affect the concept of the self, and how the self can be upheld in the near future: techno-suicide, the notion of time, new forms of kinship, the invisibility of technology and the human evolution. Together, they serve as a guide for new directions in the ongoing investigation of selfhood within the precarity of the digital age.

Each print triggers access to an augmented reality layer with works by six artists: Jon Emmony, Rick Farin, H5IO, Mary Ponomareva, SELAM X and kid xanthrax. By dissecting different layered dimensions of space and time, each artistic reflection prophecies what can be deconstructed and rebuilt in the era ahead of us.

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Jon Emmony
Rick Farin
Lukas Prokop // H5IO
kid xanthrax
Mary Ponomareva